Hosting a gathering at your home has its perks: you get to pick the guest list, the menu, the start time, and the level of formality. However, the number one annoyance of hosting a party is the clean-up afterwards. Imagine if you could throw a successful party without worrying about the aftermath! And no, I’m not talking about hiring a cleaning service. I mean creating an outdoor living space! Hosting a party outside, with all the amenities ready to go out there, significantly decreases the amount of post-party clean-up because when your guests leave, the inside remains untouched!

If you don’t have an ideal outdoor living space, here are some things to consider when designing your new entertainment area:

1. A Covered Area

Having a permanently covered space in your outdoor living area is ideal for many reasons. One of which is that you and your guests are protected from the elements. During the summer months, a shaded area offers a much-needed break from the sun. Plus, with the safety of a “ceiling,” you can incorporate many other entertainment features into your outdoor space, such as a mounted TV, a sound system with speakers, and outlets for whatever fun idea your “gamer” husband has in mind, like dusting off the Nintendo 64 and firing up Mario Kart outside with the boys!

2. A Privacy Wall

There is nothing worse than having your closest friends and family over and feeling the neighbors’ eyes watching your every move. Creating a privacy wall in the form of a plant wall, a fence, or a row of mature trees will give you the privacy you need to enjoy your outdoor time with only invited guests. You’ll have the seclusion you desire without feeling like you’re indoors!

3. A Food/Drink Station

No gathering is complete without snacks and beverages. You know that no matter who is coming over or what kind of event you are hosting, you will need some kind of surface to present appetizers and some kind of ice bucket to keep drinks cold. So, why not include a wet or dry bar for the feel of a kitchen but without the cleanup? A built-in ice maker might be a fun and necessary addition too!

4. Climate Control

Don’t underestimate the elements, but also don’t let them ruin your outdoor experience. Consider adding large shades, ceiling fans, and misters for the summer. And for winter, a fire pit and fancy space heaters can make the outdoor space cozy and inviting. This way, you can truly maximize your time outside, no matter the season.

5. Storage Solutions

One of the downfalls of having an outdoor gathering is having to constantly run back inside to grab something. Cut down on this by incorporating some kind of storage in your design plan. Maybe cabinets around the food areas would be helpful to store paper products and cleaning materials. Or, a closet to store all the electronics and gadgets that you need, but don’t want displayed.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

If you are dying to have an outdoor living space to entertain guests or simply relax with your family, consider Thomas Meyer Renovations. We can come up with a plan that covers all your needs, maximizes your fun, and minimizes the mess inside your house!


Creating an outdoor living space can transform the way you entertain, providing you with a beautiful, functional area that takes the stress out of hosting. With careful planning and thoughtful design, you can enjoy the perks of entertaining without the hassle of cleanup. So, why wait? Start designing your perfect outdoor living space today and enjoy the best of both worlds!