The bathroom can be a big challenge for people with mobility issues.

Older baby boomers, seniors as well as people with disabilities have special requirements. That’s why it’s so important to make their bathrooms more user-friendly.

At Thomas Meyer Renovations, we implement the types of changes to a bathroom that can make a big difference. Our updated bathroom design will meet your specific needs and provide you with additional comfort and safety required.

Here are some of the bathroom remodeling project we do for people with disabilities:

  • Showers with a Low or No Entry Curb

Showers with a Low or No Entry Curb

Many people who have trouble walking may find it difficult to access a tub in a bathroom. It makes a lot of sense to choose a shower without any curb.

Installing Grab Bars

Adding grab bars to your bathroom will make your bathroom safer for a person with disabilities. These bathroom accessories need to be installed around the toilet, in a bathtub, and in a shower. Grab bars will make it a lot easier for disabled people to move and do all the necessary activities in a bathroom.

Anti-scald Devices

Anti-scald devices have been designed to make a bathroom more comfortable and safer. This type of device is a key element of a temperature-controlled faucet. Anti-scald devices turn off the water automatically when the temperature gets too hot.

Enlarging Door Openings for Wheelchair Access

One needs to ensure that people with special needs will be able to access their bathroom. A wheelchair may not be able to fit through a standard doorway. In this case, door openings have to be modified.

Wall-hung Sinks

Wall-hung bathroom sinks are easy to use for people confined to a wheelchair. The sink design requires custom installation.

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