Whether it be granite, marble, quartz or Corian, Tom can assist you in selecting the material that’s right for your needs. Countertops are always one of the main focal point of the room, so be sure to choose an expert for your countertop installation.

Most countertop projects are completed in as little as 2 weeks. On the day of the installation, allow 4-5 hours for the countertop installation to be completed. We believe that doing the job right works in favor of both the client and us.

When renovating your home or building your dream home, you want the result to be stunning, aesthetically pleasing, and in synergy with the other elements of the house.

To make your home look it’s best, you need to invest in quality construction work. One of the rooms where you’ll get the highest returns on your investment, is always the kitchen, where no expenses should be spared.

Thomas Meyer Renovations has been doing countertop installations in the Chicago area for over 20 years. Get your countertops installed with confidence by experts in the field who work with precision.

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  • Thomas Meyer Kitchen
  • Thomas Meyer Kitchen

Why choose Thomas Meyer Renovations?

Transparent process: 

Installation of the countertop needs expertise on the part of the installer. However, as the client, you have the right to know the process of installation. Tom himself will take the time to give you detailed information on the process, along with what you need to expect during the process.

Upfront pricing:

We will give you the estimated price upfront. There are no hidden charges in our services. The complete transparency in the pricing assists us as well as you when doing the work. The pricing we put on paper is a rough estimate with the margin of error included. (Margin of error: The price can shift 10% on either side of the quote)

Our previous work:

One of the biggest testaments of our achievement and skills in the process of countertop installation services is our previous work. We invite you to look at our portfolio to better see the quality of work we provide.

Contact us today to get a rough estimate of the job or schedule a time for us to come up and give you a free, detailed estimate on your next countertop installation job.

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